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Love Your Life, Every Minute of it!

We are all here for a short period of time where we are called to write our own life stories. This space is dedicated to creating objects, stories and experiences that encourage us to show kindness, first to ourselves, so that we can extend that to others. To be inspired by our own creativity and that of others and re-discover what that means to us individually and collectively. Using my skills as an educator and story-teller, my goal is to walk beside other people of all ages as we Restore * Create * Connect.
The Glen


Restore yourself by unlearning and relearning how to mother yourself. Slow down. Be patient. Notice. Make time for yourself. I am co-hosting a variety of small group retreats each month – email for more details.

The ArtHouse at The Glen


These limited edition, hand-curated boxes feature beautiful works by local artists and artisans. They include writings that invite the recipient to take time to pause, wonder and be inspired.
The Glen Connectory


My formerly weekly emails are an opportunity to build community and connect with the people who matter most to me. In fall of 2021 I am switching to a monthly format where I share my current thoughts and what’s inspiring me. Look for it in your inbox or sign up here.