The Glen

A Glen is a word meaning a dark narrow valley. We all have dark and narrow valleys we must pass through. They are a mix of many types of beauty. And once we travel through them, we are magically changed and transformed. 

Arthouse at the Glen

This new-to-us property is Inspired by my Dad’s name and and attention to detail and my Mum’s whimsy, love and creativity.  It has inspired the magic of fresh beginnings from previous generations. We are excited to share the magic of this beautiful space which is inspiring us with new creative endeavors every day! Check back frequently to see what we are up to and who we are meeting! Or better yet, contact us and our artist friends through email.

Willie the Wombat

A fun picture book for all ages. Follow Willie the Wombat through the week as he goes from unknown to superhero status. The pictures have delightful clues to help navigate and predict who will visit Willie the next day.

Gifts from the Glen

The Gifts from the Glen project began as a small idea from a box I received. A nudge inside of me kept asking me what I would put inside if I were to create one? So I did! Each box is a limited edition collection of unique and beautiful gifts designed and hand made by local artists and artisans. Each box tells the story of the creator, the giver and the receiver. It is a special surprise for yourself or someone you love.

Postcards from the Glen

These are the writings from a significant period of time in my life where I was grieving the loss of my family of origin. They are raw reminders of the sacred nature of each of our seasons.

Magical Mondays

Magical Monday is a weekly email with a few of my favourite links of the week. It is a way to ground yourself and feel connected – like getting a letter from “home”.  Join with others to see how you can start your week off with a smile and see why many say it’s their favourite email of the week. 

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