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About Liz

Portrait shot of Liz

My Story

Before I was a teacher, I was a student.

Before I was taught, I learned. Long after I graduated, I return again and again to this world’s classroom. Thirsty for knowledge, experience and connection. Hungry to know the world and those who walk it, to know the land upon which we walk together.

I speak the language of adventure, seen through the curious eyes of a child, I hear the world through stories, inspired by the tiniest creature, awed by the highest night-sky wonder. I live for and through the stories we tell.The stories I tell myself. I listen. I learn. I write stories new and old

Before I was a writer, I was a creator. Sharing drum-beats to teach kids to move their way outside of the box. To trust their intuition. While learning to trust my intuition. And hoping to connect you to yours.

From experience comes wisdom. From movement comes stillness. From up comes down. And it all spirals around again.

I have experienced great joy and deep grief. Moments of sheer creative pleasure and the hard solitude of silence. The confidence of standing in the centre of my purpose and the shadow of being lost in the woods.

The spiral has brought me here. Today.

To write. Magical Monday emails, children’s books, and whatever the muse offers next. To create. Specially curated gift boxes full of local treasures with soul-inspired themes. To restore. Holding space for personal and group soul-retreats. To connect. Bringing people together for healing, creativity, and shared wonder. To teach. Forest school now instead of the many formal classrooms of my past. To learn. Always and from everything.

So, here I am.

And here we are.

Now… I want to meet you!

Let’s connect.

I want to hear your stories around a fire, or stretch beside you as we move, or mail you a gift box or another unexpected treasure.

I want to hold space – a retreat – just for you, or send you my Magical Monday email or just have tea!

Shall we?